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How to Boost Audience Concentration in Your Event?

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How to Boost Audience Concentration in Your Event?

How to Boost Audience Concentration in Your Event?

Gathering a group of people together for meetings and conferences is sometimes just the beginning of a battle. Audience engagement is highly vital to the success of a business meeting. Keeping your audience engaged and focused throughout business meetings is nothing short of an art and requires immense prowess. You have to battle against dozens of distractions every time you take up the stage to make your business meeting effective and really work for you and drive out big clients, investors and advisors out of a business meeting.

Keeping the audience hooked and engaged throughout the meetings to ensure the call to action or drive out new business ideas from them demands some great meeting organization and presentation skills.

Through this blog, we will familiarize you with some of the best tips that will serve effectively in maintaining audiences’ concentration and focus and keeping the audience engaged.

Top Tips to Keep Audience Engaged in Important Event Business Meetings

We will now bring forth the top tips that help in boosting attendee concentration and keeping the audiences’ engaged in business meetings:

Describe what the meeting/presentation has in store for the Audience/Explain what the audience can take away from the Meeting: You must explain briefly about what the audience can take away from the meeting or what ‘call-to-action’ is expected from the audience. This involves guiding them briefly about the objectives and purpose of the meeting, what knowledge/information people gain as a result of attending the meeting/conference, what outcomes are desired out of the meeting, what significance the meeting has for the audience, etc.

Be Genuine and Authentic: You must remain authentic and genuine while presenting your business ideas by sharing your personal experiences and insights wherever applicable and sharing authentic achievements and accomplishments. 

Be Fact-Oriented and Present your Ideas with Conviction: Speaking up facts and quoting stats adds value and worthwhile presenting your business ideas. Make sure to quote real and accurate facts to add value to your ideas and avoid quoting wrong or inaccurate facts since this can land you in trouble. Make it a point to present your ideas and opinions with a strong conviction to engage the audience and draw their interests. 

Communicate Clearly and Effectively: Make sure to convey your ideas and views clearly and effectively to facilitate audience understanding and comprehension. Avoid using ‘too many’ technical jargons or extensive vocabulary that makes it difficult for the audience to understand your ideas. 

Add Comfort and Ambience in Meeting Venue: Creating an ambient environment is imperative to keep audiences’ engaged and hooked to the meetings. You must try to build an ambient atmosphere at the meeting venue through a blend of perfect seating, lighting arrangements and music to keep the audience engaged and enthralled. You can prefer open space seating options such as sofas, easy chairs, rockers and chairs with lumbar support to ensure audience comfort. Further, pick lighting arrangements that go well with the venue and promote readability. Pick a soft and subtle music/tone to add elegance and charm to the venue.

Engage with the Audience/Balance your Presentation: You cannot keep the audience engaged and attentive for a very long time with a monotone presenter talk. You must try to engage with the audience as much as possible by asking questions, encouraging them to ask questions, playing games or asking them to solve puzzles, etc. This trick definitely helps keep the audience engaged and focused on the presentation.

Tell the audience why they should listen: Audience cannot be engaged without conveying them what significance the meeting has for them and the reasons why they should listen. You must try to convey to the audience how the idea can bring a change to their lives and what ‘call-to-action’ is expected from the audience. Conveying the importance of the meeting definitely helps keep the audience engaged and captivated.

Alternate your Pacing: Speaking in a single tone throughout the meeting does not serve effectively since audience may get distracted. Use a mix of both slow and fast pace to keep the audiences hooked to the presentation. Vary your pace throughout to keep the audience captivated. 

Use your Pitch Efficiently Use the power of ‘Louds’ and ‘Softs’: Likewise, pace, speaking at the same pitch throughout makes the audience distracted. You must master the art of varying your pitch between ‘loud’ and ‘soft’ to keep the audiences engaged. You must keep your pitch ‘loud’ while delivering important points and ideas and can ‘soften’ your pitch while conveying insignificant or unimportant points.

Speak to the audience and not to the slides/Never read slides: As a presenter, you need to be confident that you are well-versed with the content, are focused on the audience and stay calm even when responding to difficult questions. Make it a point to never read slides since that conveys that you are not well-versed with the idea and will wary off your audiences’ interests easily. 

Personalize/Convey Personal Experiences: Narrating your personal experiences is a powerful way to keep the audiences’ engaged and focused. You can narrate both real and genuine experiences, as well as weave, invented examples to keep audiences hooked. Make sure to add narratives to the meeting to retain audiences’ focus.

Narrate Jokes Sparingly: Humor serves a powerful tool to keep the audience engaged. The most serious of topics deserves a humorous break. It is your task to add/find humor to/in the presentation. You can make appropriate jokes to keep the audiences hooked, however, never be afraid of pushing the boundaries since audience enjoys confident and unexpected humor.

Make Effective use of Body Language, Gestures and Eye Contact: Gestures, effective eye contact, facial expressions, and good body language are effective tools for keeping the audiences’ hooked. Use appropriate gestures and other elements of body language to engage the audience during the meeting. 

Use Graphics: Graphics such as pictures, videos, charts, graphs, and diagrams are powerful tools for ensuring that the audience clearly understands the idea. Use appropriate graphics in a presentation to convey your idea clearly to the audience.

Conclusion: We hope that going through this blog will definitely familiarize you with the best tips to boost attendee concentration and keep the audience engaged and hooked in the presentation.

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