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11 Tips To Organize Birthday Party On A Tight Budget

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11 Tips To Organize Birthday Party On A Tight Budget

11 Tips To Organize Birthday Party On A Tight Budget

Who doesn’t like to throw a party on his or her birthday? Every one of us, right? So what if I will say that I will share the tips to help you to throw a birthday party without going out of your budget.

I know we want to spend money on things that we like or priorities the most. But don’t spend too much on anything that you are not left with enough money for the rest of the stuff. The tips that I am going to share will help you organize a birthday party that too on a tight budget.

Here  are some of the tips that I am sharing that helped me, might help you too :

1. Invitations

Invitations, yes you read that right! The most important and the most prior thing of any party. The invitations are the must to send when it comes to the parties. Unless and until it is not the marriage or reception invitation, you don’t need to send the printed cards. use some DIY tricks email instead of sending the printed invitation. If you on Facebook or WhatsApp, everybody is trying to send the invitation via messenger or even you can use WhatsApp messenger. You can even create an event page on facebook and this will help you get the requests for the evening party. This is the best way to get to know how many of the friends are going to join the party and how much food you will need to serve them.

2. Time of the party

Keep the time of the party around 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. This is the time after the lunch and before the dinner, and the guests are already full after the lunch and they do not expect you serving the whole meals and so this leads to saving your money.

3. Home or Dominos? 

In my personal opinion, I will opt for my home, as if we go to a party in a restaurant or dominos or pizza hut, that may lead to lots and lots of expense. I would rather go for a simple party at my home. In this way, the menu will be according to my way and I use my one things for the decoration. Think about it, if you invite your friends at a dominos on some restaurant you will have no idea of the cost or it may lead to party out of your budget. So it is better to invite your friends at home. In this way, you will know how many people are coming and you will arrange the food accordingly. To end up, saving a lot of money.

4. Importance of the time before the party

Try not to have an immediate plan . Have some time in between the party and the present day.Give yourself some time, so in this way, you will not buy things that are way too expensive and out of the budget.  The more time you have the more is the possibility to buy things by comparing prices and to get a better thing at a cheap price rather than ending on a thing that cost you more and is out of the budget.

5. Combo-party

If for example you and your friend’s birthday are close. You can just have a combined party with your friend and end up saving up the money and organizing a party too.

6. Do not spend more on the decorations

Rather than going to a store to buy things, try to use the things that you already have and try to combine them to get a better result.

For example, if you have glasses, cups and plates try to mix and match them rather then opting for the expensive bone china cups. Also, you can use the candle you have at home for the decorations, rather than going and buying a new one. Try to use the vase with some citrus fruits like oranges that have that are long-lasting. Also, try to avoid using the fresh flowers, instead you can use some artificial flowers or making a collection of things you already have at home at forming your own masterpiece that will be the center of attraction.

7. Replacing with the cheap meal

Rather than serving or opting for non-vegetarian dishes in your menu, you can go for some vegetarian options that are healthy yet stomach-filling. You can have soups on your menu also you can go for some snacks like Manchurian, spring rolls, and noodles, they are fillings yet cheap in the market.

8. Drinks

Isn’t it important to serve drinks with the eatables?  Yes, it is.  Drinks are the must. Rather than supplying expensive wines or alcohol based drinks to your guests. You can go for supplying cold drinks or water or even you supply juices of cheap fruits and vegetables like carrot and pineapple or similar items that are cheaper at your near location.

9. Replacing the expensive DJ

Talking about DJ it is very important, however, we can replace it with the music system we already have and connect our smartphones with that.

Music and much more are there you can either find it on google play store or the Istore, that is your choice according to the phone you are using.

10. Home-made cake

You can go on to bake a cake rather than buying some expensive cake. There are a number of youtube channels that will help you in making the best cakes that too with the ingredients you already have in your home.

11. Buying online

You can always prefer buying online when it comes to your purchase. While comes to the comparison you can compare the price online with the store price. With my personal experience, the online price is much cheaper than the store price.

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